How to Find a Home Inspector
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4 Ways to Find A Home Inspector

Some service professionals are somewhat of a commodity to the average consumer. Service professionals like real estate agents, home inspectors, plumbers and contractors all provide straightforward services and it’s simply up to the consumer to pick the person they want to work with. It’s competitive to be a service provider and it can also be confusing for local customers looking to find the right people.

The Case for Home Inspectors

For home inspectors specifically, it’s even more competitive. Many home inspectors have contracts with real estate agents and will be provided during a real estate transaction. However, if your real estate agent does not work with a home inspector, it’s up to you to find someone. There are a number of ways you can find a home inspector and discover reviews about them to know if they are a good partner to work with.

Google My Business

Any home inspector who is invested in their business will have a Google My Business profile established. This profile will display in Google’s local section and display reviews for the home inspector as well.

To see if you have a Google My Business profile set up, head over to Google and search your business name. If you do in fact have a profile, the right hand side of the Google page will show all of your details.

Business Networking International (BNI)

Business Networking International (BNI) is a referral network for local businesses. However, it’s a great spot for customers to find new service providers as well. Most of the businesses in a BNI chapter (defined as a chapter for a local area) are service professionals, including home inspectors. Because they work solely off of referrals, there’s a much better chance they are trustworthy, reliable and have good reviews from past customers.

Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce website is another great place to find a home inspector. The Chamber vets all of its members, so you’ll be able to see right away if a home inspector is well-reviewed and recommended by the Chamber. It’s also important to note that if a home inspector opts to join the Chamber of Commerce for their local area, they are invested in their business and will be a good provider for you.


What was once a review spot for local restaurants is now a go-to place for customers to find providers of just about anything. Here you will find real reviews from past customers of home inspectors and it will give you a good idea of who is safe to work with. Likewise, if you discover negative reviews for a home inspector, you’ll know they are not a good fit.

Do You Actually Need a Home Inspector?

Due to the real estate market in the United States, there is a lack of inventory happening right now. For this reason, many buyers are foregoing inspections and appraisals to try to attract the attention of the seller. While this is completely your decision, there are a lot of risks if you choose to forego a home inspection. Discuss the validity of an inspection with your agent and decide if you need to hire a home inspector.

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