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Complete K9 Care is an organization that dedicates itself to refining your dogs manners and turning them into the best friend they should be! We are avid dog lovers with years of experience in helping to train dogs. It is our passion, and our motivation, to see dogs well-loved and accepted into caring families where they can live out good, long lives with lots of affection. All too often we see dogs misunderstood out in the world and it deeply saddens us when they are neglected. With the proper training and professional assistance that we offer we can help transform your dog into a loving and protective member to spend a loving life as one of your pack. So please, do not hesitate to call us at 705-559-4739 for more information.

Not only do we provide dog training, but we also specialize in behavioral training. We can help your dog improve their bad habits and posses a proven track record of past cases. By training your dog properly with care and love we ca help yours grow into the well-mannered canine they should be. By allowing them to adapt to their surroundings and giving them the obedience to resist certain stimuli we can ensure that the bad habits will cease. It can seem overwhelming when you attempt to train your own dog, but by paying attention to the detailed social cues that dogs look and listen for we can give them the skills to change their behavior.

Have a considerably bad dog? Does it never listen to you? Do you’ve ripped clothing and couches once you get home? Give us a call. We can help with all of these incidents and more. All it takes is a little attention and the proper care to help set them on the correct path. Because it is not fair to you, or your dog to have to go through those kinds of hoops. We know you deserve better, and so does your furry family member!

“My dog Roxy was somewhat neurotic. She had this thing with hands. I do not know what it was. Maybe someone in the pet shop at one time abused her? But she was protective of her food, and she was protective around people she thought were vulnerable. She would lash out if someone came near her when she thought she was protecting something. This was a really tough situation because she had been with us for awhile and we have kids. We weren’t sure what to do.

After we took her to Complete K9 Care they spent a lot of time with her. They were able to help give her structure and obedience. She was able to get right back on track and now she’s a fully, loving part of our family again. I’m happy because I do not have to worry about the kids playing around her anymore. I think that’s the greatest piece of mind a mom can have.”


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