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Connecticut SEO Company Announces New Partnership

In the world of SEO, digital marketing and digital design, there are a lot of potential partner companies out there. In fact, almost every city in the United States is saturated with agency partners looking to provide services. So, as a business owner who is looking for help in these areas, how can you know who to trust and where to get started?

For this reason, a lot of different agencies partner and co-author work with agencies in other states. This allows them to pass credibility and trustworthiness onto other companies, while also gaining clients in new geographical areas. One such company has recently pursued this strategy and is seeing the benefit of doing so.

Hollis Internet Marketing Launches New Partnership

Hollis Internet Marketing, a Connecticut SEO company, recently decided to expand its services into western states like California, Oregon, Utah and Colorado. To do so, the agency managers knew they had to partner with a successful business that would allow them to grow.

Who Is Hollis Internet Marketing?

Started by its founder Mark Hollis, Hollis Internet Marketing got its start in the early 2000s by helping local Connecticut businesses with web design services. Knowing the potential in Google for its clients, Hollis quickly began offering a suite of SEO services. Since then, the company has expanded to offer paid search advertising services, email marketing and social media marketing. Today, Hollis continues to work with small businesses on the East Coast and is planning to grow its clientele with businesses on the west coast.

The New Partnership

To accomplish its expansion goals, Hollis partnered with a highly-reputable Denver SEO company operating out of Colorado. This new partnership will allow Hollis to expand its services while working side-by-side with the business in Denver.

What SEO Services Will Be Offered?

Hollis identifies SEO as three separate services – technical search engine optimization, content creation and earning links to a website.

Technical SEO

The technical aspect of SEO deals with how a search engine understands a website. This is called crawling or in some cases, spidering. A search engine “crawls” a website to understand its pages, content, links and media like images or video. If a search engine is unable to properly crawl a website, it results in a lot of issues that limits visibility.

In addition to crawling issues, technical SEO also addresses how fast a website is. If a site is slow, Google is likely not going to show it in results.

Content Creation

One of the biggest aspects of SEO is creating good content. Content of a website should match the audience it is aimed for, fully address the problem at hand and cover the topic better than any other competitor. Hollis takes the time to review all website content and create new content where necessary.

Earning Links

The last piece of the SEO puzzle is earning links to a website. These links are like votes to search engines – the more high quality votes you have, the more credible and trustworthy your website is. As long as it is a trustworthy site, Google will be more likely to share it in search results.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with a Denver SEO company is just the first step in expansion for Hollis. The company has already stated they will look to partner with companies in Washington, Oregon and California in the coming months. This will allow Hollis to grow while providing great service to new customers.

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