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Call EDH Serrano Garage Door Repair at (916) 965-5766 for the best garage door repair that you ever had in Cameron Park CA for commercial or residential garage doors. If you’ve a garage door repair that needs immediate attention, you will love the very experienced and courteous garage door professionals at EDH Serrano Garage Door Repair. You will love our prices most of all! Our very talented staff is the best in the industry and you will always love the promptness and reliability of the service, repair or installation performed by our company. We have been making 100% satisfied residential garage door and commercial garage door customers for quite some time and our best endorsement comes from the many referrals we get from happy clients. If your garage door opener is not working every time, let us help you out right away. From a broken garage door spring to a panel replacement, our garage door specialists are exactly what your garage door needs to work properly. You should never just want a cheap garage door repair but we’ll provide the best prices with the most skills and we guarantee that your garage door will operate beautifully.

If you’ve a broken garage door spring or a remote that doesn’t work anymore, give us a call. Maybe someone backed into a garage door panel and it needs to be replaced, we can do that. If you need a remote reprogrammed or another remote provided or if your photo eye is not working all the time, let our trustworthy specialists help you out right away with the best possible garage door repair and service expertise. Is your door off track or are the cables not working or (heaven forbid) are the cables off your garage door? Let us help you out expertly and quickly. We care about your safety and convenience. For both commercial and residential garage door repair and overhead door repair, do not just trust anyone! Make sure you call EDH Serrano Garage Door Repair and get the best service and repair you thought ever possible.

Let us perform a multi-point safety check and tune up for your garage door. This will ensure that everything is running wonderfully 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. A garage door is the biggest door in the home and it requires a person that has years of training and expertise to do the job perfectly the first time and every time. You will love the friendly personnel at EDH Serrano Garage Door Repair because we treat you like family. That’s our biggest compliment ….that we love our customers and it shows by every well-executed garage door repair and garage door service as well as garage door installations. We love doing an excellent job for our customers.

If you’re hearing squeaks or groans do not wait for a middle of the night emergency and have your garage door unable to open. If you think the cables or springs might be failing, do not trust an inexperienced garage door person. A garage door repair professional with the years of expertise and trustworthy repair skills under his belt is what you get with our company. We are never going to send out a new repair person. We believe that since this is the most used door in the home and the bulkiest, widest and heaviest door, it requires strength, expertise and familiarity with all the different bands and types of garage doors, garage door openers and garage door equipment. We only use the finest replacement parts on the market today so often you will get more years out of your replacement parts than with the original parts. You will be happy with your garage door repair, garage door service or your garage door installation. We are committed to making our clients absolutely satisfied and we want you to be so happy you will refer your friends and family to us. We treat you like family and you will love the job we perform.


Call EDH Serrano Garage Door Repair at 916-292-8275 for garage door sales, service and repair. Find out why Cameron Park residents consider us their best choice for the finest garage doors in the state. Our garage door installers are the best in the business and you will be 100% satisfied with our courteous and experienced garage door professionals. We have been making very satisfied customers in the greater Cameron Park area for many years.

Never trust an inexperienced installer to install your garage door. This is a very heavy door and requires absolute precision during the install. That’s why so many people hear squeaks and groans or the garage door goes off the track. If you do not have a highly trained and professional garage door installation technician install your door, it’s destined to have troubles.

We do not miss steps and our careful attention to detail is appreciated when you’ve years of trouble-free operation with our garage doors. Find out why so many friends and neighbors love and trust EDH Serrano Garage Door Repair. Our photo-eyes and remotes are the very best in the business. Our clients thank us so much for taking the time to do an excellent job when we perform a repair, install a garage door or service a garage door. They love the regular maintenance checks because they are vital for protecting your family and possessions.

Your garage door is the largest door in your home. It is very dangerous to tamper with the track or the operation in any way. If you’ve ever had its operation compromised at all, call for a check up to make sure your door is safe and operating perfectly. Injury or worse can occur if the door is not moving on the track correctly. We use the finest grease available which is perfect for our weather extremes. All of our garage door products are the top of the line and we never scrimp when it comes to replacement parts or even our tools we use. We believe that your safety and confidence in us comes first.

We can work on any type of garage door or electric gate. You will find exactly what you need to replace that old and tired garage door or overhead door, as well. Our expert technicians have been serving the local area for many years so you won’t surprise us with any problem or concern with your garage door. Find out why your friends and neighbors have been referring their family to us for many years.

Your confidence in our garage door repair and your family’s safety are extremely important to us. We make sure the doors fit perfectly and this reduces any concern for vandalism or theft. Since your second most important investment (your car) is in your garage, you want to make sure it is always safe and protected. Repairs are what we specialize in so you know you will always get a top notch garage door repair. If you just need a new remote or an adjustment, never fear that you will be oversold. EDH Serrano Garage Door Repair will never oversell you. We have the highest integrity and are proud of all the positive reviews we get daily from our customers. If you need a garage door repair, you will get it courteously, professionally and promptly.