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We here at NextLocal in Ontario are a B2B exclusive marketing agency that helps your business get the exposure it needs online for Peterborough ON.  If you’ve come to this advertisement hoping you were looking for a cheap, but super effective way to increase your business with excellent features at no added cost, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here are a few common questions we have answered in order to help you learn more about our product.


“How do they do it?”

This is a question we hear often.  Lots of business owners in Peterborough ON wonder why they do not come up for the top search results in Google even though they seem to be doing everything they possibly can.  Some people create new content daily, get a decent amount of foot traffic and even have a few things posted online.  So, why aren’t they getting the results they deserve on search engines?

We here at NextLocal are the answer to your question.  We are a dedicated marketing agency that works exclusively with you in Peterborough ON.  As opposed to business directories like yellow pages, or manta, we only partner with one business per area.  This means that when people search for your brand online they won’t be bombarded with 90 different companies for the same search results in Peterborough ON.  When you partner with us, they will only see you, and that’s what separates us from the competition.  We put your name on a giant billboard alone with flashing lights and sirens, not on page 87 of a phone book beside 5 of your competitors.

So, do you want to make your company stand out?  Or do you want to look like the exact same as everyone you compete with?



“Are you an SEO company?”

No.  We incorporate some SEO practices into our existing model, but we do not solely rely on SEO ourselves.  In order to place we do not even have to touch your website!  There are many methods that we have experimented with and mastered.  Using our existing technology, which has so far been developed for over 3 years, we ensure that you get results; or you do not pay a dime!  Through trial and error we have created a rock solid foundation to increase your brand visibility and get you the results that you deserve in Peterborough ON.

We know you work hard.  That’s what drives us to work tirelessly for you so that you can be noticed online by clients.



“Sounds expensive.”

In Ontario, it could be.  Traditional marketing companies sometimes charge thousands, if not hundreds of dollars a month swearing they can do the same thing.  But our results are not matched by anyone.  And we back-up our claims with guaranteed results, or you do not pay.  We will literally work for free until you get your results.  Let’s see the competition in Peterborough ON try and match that one!

With comparable services like Google Adwords people can typically pay upwards of $100 a day for at least 10 popular keywords.  For most businesses the conversion rate is so high that you need at least 15-20 new customers a month in order to pay for your existing marketing practices.  With ours your conversion rate only needs 1-2 new customers a month to pay for it.  And we allow you to select anywhere from 30-90 keywords in Peterborough ON!  Does that not sound a lot better than what you’re already currently doing already?  If not, we’d like to hear how exactly you’re doing it.  Because we haven’t come across anything that is as cost effective as our service that provides the same value.  Our service is valued at thousands of dollars a month for not even hundreds of dollars in cost.

Would you like to learn more about how we can save you money and get you business in the process?  If you do, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



“Can you prove it works?”

Yes!  We can!  And not only can we prove it, but we actually do that on a daily basis.  When you sign up with us we provide you with a dashboard that gives you daily reports on all of the keywords you’re placing for in your area(s).  We can track exactly what you’re coming up for on Google in Peterborough ON and show you changes every single day.  There are some customers who have signed up with us based on that feature alone.  But we do not even charge for the reports.  We provide it as an added value to our already amazing product.

This is why we believe so much in what we do.  We are willing to go out on a limb and provide extra value and features to our customers in order to help you grow.  Our core product is so unique and invaluable to the businesses we partner with that we throw in features for free.  Not just because we can, it’s because we care.  And your partnership means the world to us.  We are not just another marketing agency in Peterborough ON.  We want to help you grow and succeed with us.  Our goal is not to become rich.  It’s to lift the entire economy as a whole!



“What value do you provide your customers?”

Aside from placing your company in the top 10 search results of Google and other search engines in Peterborough ON, we provide a host of features.  Some of these include daily reports on how well your keywords are placing, free custom edited videos and pictures for the billboard that we place online for you, and we can even get thumbnails to show up in the results of Peterborough ON!  Most people, even in the SEO world, aren’t able to do that!


“I want to try it before I buy it.  Can I see how it works for free?”

As long as you promise to pay us once we deliver results, yes.  If you’re skeptical about the whole process because you’ve been burned from other individuals or companies before, we completely understand your frustration.  We work in a very competitive and sometimes “fools gold” marketing sector.  Some people will say anything to try and get your business.  That’s why we will go out on a limb and show you that our product in Peterborough ON works before you’ve to pay!  And once the results come rolling in you will be on the road to gaining new business.

Contact us at or 585-633-7540 to learn more about how we can help you.

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