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Falaris Creative Studio is the premiere WordPress web design and internet marketing company in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. With over 2 decades of website design and online marketing experience, we love helping entrepreneurs, small-, and medium-sized businesses increase their bottom line by upping their internet game.

We’ve spent many years designing and doing responsive website design, eCommerce, SEO, paid advertisements, social media, and most other kinds of internet marketing near Lackawanna County, PA.

Self-employed entrepreneurs we’ve worked with range from authors to public speakers, life coaches, actresses, and business consultants who are hired by international companies.

When working with businesses, we’ve helped clients ranging from small clothing and cosmetic companies all the way up to international product manufacturers. We’ve also helped a number of charities along the way, too!

Our favorite type of client is someone we get to work with personally and form a strong business relationship with. We’re not interested in working with a boardroom or committee. Our ideal clients are small-to-medium real estate agencies, construction firms, accountants or tax preparers, manufacturers, law firms, doctors or other medical practitioners, veterinarians, engineering firms, the energy sector, and similarly sized businesses.

Yet even if you do not exactly fit into this group, we’re likely to be a good fit if you’re not a Fortune 100 sized-company. We simply love helping the kinds of companies that are the foundation which America and other countries are built on. Those businesses formed by ordinary citizens with a dream to create value and wealth for themselves, the people around them, and their country – just like ours.

The best part of working with us is how much we can bring to the table at very competitive prices. We’ve done everything we can to slash the overhead typically associated with running a small design studio.

What does this mean for you? Instead of having an office and part of your project cost going to our office rent, electricity, and water delivery service bills, our entire team works remotely.

And rather than hiring someone just out of college to be a logo artist or similar, we have partnered with a professional logo designer in Lackawanna County with decades of experience who we contract with only when you need a new logo. So you’re not paying for employees who might never touch your project!

The bottom line? More of your money goes directly into paying for the hours we’ll be working on your project. That is why all our client sites are more custom, more detailed, and more outstanding for the same or less cost as our competition.

Falaris Web Design (855) 456-6665 Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

In Lackawanna County PA, our process is refined to be streamlined and simple for our clients. In the first phase of working with us, we work with clients to learn more about them, their business, and their ideal customers. This allows us all to get on the same page about who we will be targeting with our design and copywriting.

In the second phase, we work alongside our clients to come up with copywriting for the site. Our third phase is to design custom pages, built on top of the WordPress platform, around the copywriting for each page.

This means that every page on sites we do for clients is completely custom; no templates or copy/pasted content here!

We wrap up preparing the site in our fourth phase, including plugging in all the software you will need to ensure your website is a client- or customer-attracting, money-making machine. And then we launch your brand new site!

We understand that you need to focus on your business, not the technical aspects of running your web site day to day. So our fifth phase happens after your new site launches; we host, maintain, and support all of our client sites. A year of hosting, maintenance, and support is included for free on every project we do.

This is your business and livelihood. It’s too important to mess up or outsource to a cheap designer halfway across the world.

If you want to compete in today’s online world, you need specialized internet marketing to help you grow your audience and grow your business. We enjoy working with clients to not only help them create effective websites, but give advice and training along the way on how to grow and market their business once the site is live. Often, we help our clients execute these strategies to great success.

Just ask our client Tim Brownson, who saw a 3x increase in client inquiries the first week his new web site went live!

Don’t throw away thousands of dollars on a basic template design without having someone who can have your back on actually growing your business online. Give us a call today at 855-456-6665.

Falaris Web Design (855) 456-6665 Lackawanna County, PA


I really love your designs! What kind of clients do you work with?

We love working with entrepreneurs as well as small- through medium-businesses. We’ve designed for individuals such as life coaches, consultants, and authors, as well as businesses in the manufacturing, legal, oil & gas, and clothing industries among others.

There’s a good chance that unless you’re a Fortune 100 company, we can help you.

What does “Falaris” mean or where does it come from?

Chris Gaskill, the owner of Falaris Creative Studio, once saw a cartoon in his younger days where there was an “evil dragon god of darkness” named Falaris. He thought it was cool sounding name and started using this name to play games online. The name was always available whenever he created an account on any website. Now over 2 decades later, the name has stuck and that is where our dragon logo comes from too!

Do you do anything besides web design?

Yes! We can assist with all sorts of internet marketing. We’ve coached clients on how to do content marketing, provide assistance with SEO and paid advertising, help to set up software automation to make running a business through your website easier, and more. These are often offered as a la carte add-on services alongside a main website project.

Do you work with clients locally or from anywhere in the world?

We work with clients from all over the world! We are based in Pennsylvania in the United States, and have clients from all over the rest of the US as well as places like New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai, and Italy, to name a few!

If you’re within our local area, or live near Lackawanna County PA, we’re happy to meet and work face-to-face. If you’re outside of our local area, we typically work with you via phone calls and video chats.

Visit our website at www.falaris.com or call Toll Free: (855) 456-6665

Falaris Web Design (855) 456-6665 Lackawanna County, PA

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