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Let’s be real – families can be difficult no matter how they are composed. However, extended, blended, mixed, or step families often pose an even greater challenge for all those involved.

That’s exactly why The Family Turf coaching and website exists. Started by Family Coach Celeste Authors, The Family Turf in Vaughan, Ontario provides resources and guidance when the tough times come up. It’s about supporting non-traditional families in overcoming the unique challenges they face.

In extended families, we can often feel out of place, like the leftover fraction from a long division equation that doesn’t quite fit anywhere. We struggle to figure out what our specific role is and how we fit in.

We wrestle internally with feelings of jealousy, not being accepted, feeling less significant, and anxiety when at home. Wishing we could “catch up” to the effortless, natural interactions of the biological family members.

But these hurdles CAN be overcome. You can build strong connections and unite your household into one of love and respect for each other. Give me a call today at 647-448-4044 to find out more.


About Coach Celeste Authors, founder of The Family Turf

A few years ago I began a relationship with a man, Kevin who had a child, Blake.

I really took being involved in Blake’s life seriously. I wanted to become a great role model and step-parent to Blake.

But I could not find the resources to appease my fears and concerns about walking into the stepmother role in Blake’s life.

I looked everywhere. I even tried to look for children’s books to help my partner’s daughter understand what was happening in her world, but found it frustratingly limiting.

Every time I would search online, despite finding a few positive resources, I kept being overcome by result after result of negative stereotypes about the “evil stepmother” or forums where everyone was just venting.

And there were some really hard times too. Struggling to be an authority figure in Blake’s life when I wasn’t the biological mother. Feeling isolated in my own home sometimes.

I remember thinking “Will it always be like this? Will I always feel this way?”

The answer of course is NO.

Extended families have the possibility of adding more to a happy dynamic, not less.

The mission of The Family Turf in Vaughan, Ontario extends beyond the home; it’s about the entire family environment. It’s about building and nurturing the growth of a family.

The options should not be either a nuclear family or an unclear family. I’m here to provide clarity and direction for healthy, happy extended family homes.

Please give me a call at 647-448-4044 for a free consultation. I’d be happy to learn more about you, your family, and the struggles you’re going through and see how I can best assist.



How do we meet for sessions?

Sessions are done over the phone or via video call over Skype.

How long is each session?

Each session is 50 minutes long.

Do you work with only one person or the entire family?

Both! I work with individual family members or work with extended families as a whole.

What is the difference between extended family coaching and family therapy?

The main difference between therapy and coaching is that therapy is interested in overcoming issues from your past, while coaching is about overcoming issues in the present for your future. Coaching is really about coming up with solutions and taking actionable steps to see better results now.

If you’re dealing with heavy issues from your past (abuse, etc.) that are holding you back when dealing with your family, you should seek out a professional therapist near Vaughan ON. However, if you’re looking for help in dealing with issues in your current situation at home in an extended, mixed, blended, or step family, then coaching is an ideal solution!

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