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FlowerHalo is a home-based business located in the heart of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in cemetery silk flower arrangements. We have been creating personal silk flower arrangements for many years for loved ones who have passed away. We are professional and passionate about our goal to offer you a beautiful way to honour your loved ones in a thoughtful and dignified manner. Each item is uniquely arranged. Our floral creations include garlands, cemetery vase bouquets, vase inserts, and headstone saddle sprays.


Garlands add warmth and seasonal beauty to vintage tier-style tombstones and headstone monuments. The history of our ancestors is fascinating to many families. It gives us a sense of knowing who we are and where our family roots originated. To wrap a beautiful garland around the tombstone monument of your relative who has lived and died generations before you gives you a very powerful and spiritual feeling of being connected to your heritage. FlowerHalo offers a variety of garlands for all seasons.


Cemetery vase arrangements accent beauty and warmth to any cemetery headstone or flat-stone marker. A variety of flowers and colours are available for all seasons. Choose from our large, or small vase arrangements. Vases are made of tough long-lasting plastic and have a stake attached at the bottom for firm ground placement. Vases are made to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Vase insert flower arrangements are also available for on-site existing cemetery vases.


Headstone saddle spray, silk flower arrangements accent cemetery headstone monuments with breath-taking seasonal beauty. Saddles rust-proof frame and rubber grip legs allow them to remain on the grave site throughout the seasons. Choose from our traditional sprays, our custom one-of-a-kind sprays, or you may order a personalized arrangement to be created with heart-felt thoughts of your loved ones. A variety of flowers and colours are available for all seasons. All arrangements are weather-proofed to withstand outdoor & weather conditions.


Services Provided

Cemetery silk flower arrangements (seasonal)
Tombstone garlands (seasonal)
Headstone saddle sprays (seasonal)
Cemetery vase floral arrangements (seasonal)
Vase inserts for existing vases (seasonal)

We look forward to providing you with a lovely bouquet of  silk flowers, whether it be the traditional or a personalized custom arrangement.
The gift of flowers are a symbol of beauty, life and everlasting love.

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