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Local Vocational Schools & Programs to Check Out

As we begin to turn the corner with the pandemic and more local businesses begin opening back up, one particular type of business is thriving even more than it was before the pandemic: vocational schools.

With a lot of time on everyone’s hands in the last year, people started re-thinking their careers and skill sets. This led people to finding vocational programs and online schools they could turn to in order further develop skills.

Here are the 3 most common types of vocational schools that are predicted to be successful after the pandemic:

1. Online Coding Schools

As technology gets better and better for everyone, there is no doubt there is a force of young people driving it. These people get trained and refine their skillsets through online coding schools, hackathons and bootcamps. But these programs aren’t just for a younger group of students.

“We see most of our student roster in their 30s or 40s who are looking to re-shape their careers and learn new skills,” says the president of Bay Valley Tech, a Stockton code academy for adults 18 and older. “The time off really caused people to rethink what they’re doing and decide they want to pursue a new career.”

By learning how to code in a variety of different programming languages, people can open themselves up to a lot of new career opportunities.

2. Electrician Schools

Everyone needs electricity, but not everyone knows how to wire a power outlet, install a ceiling fan, install a light fixture, etc. The time off in the last year also allowed homeowners to look at their homes and make decisions about remodeling or upgrading things. And one of the top things that were remodeled nationwide were electrical devices. This meant installing new light fixtures, rewiring old homes, installing new lights switches, power outlets and more.

If this is a career you are interested in, the great news is that most programs can be completed in under a year. Check your local area to see which electrician schools are opening back up and be sure to sign up for a class.

3. Carpentry School

Similar to the need for more electricians, there has also been a rise in the need for skilled carpenters. Carpentry spans a variety of skills, but to the average homeowner, it’s anything to do with flooring or woodwork throughout a house. This is a highly specialized skill that requires proper training, making it a great type of trade school to attend. If you’re great with your hands and love seeing a “final product” of something you have worked on, carpentry could be a great skill for you.

Finding a New Career

If you’re in a spot in your life where you’re looking for a new career, right now is a great time to reinvent yourself. There’s no rule that says you have to have a career in whatever you went to college for. The world is full of opportunities and you just need to decide what is the most interesting to you. It may be carpentry, electrical work or coding a program, or it could be something completely different. Determine what is best for you and start your new journey.

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