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The title in the town originates from the Thousand Islands’ title. The term intended “property of insights” within the Anishinaabe language, based on Whetung. Tourist marketers consequently transformed the term meaning ” and waters ”

As Victoria Region, the region was known just before its restructuring like a town. The town was made throughout the provincial Conservative partyis “Good Sense Revolution”, in 2001. Through regulation, its own component cities and the previous Victoria Region were amalgamated into one organization called the Town of Thousand Islands.

The Victoria Region Restructuring Commission applied this work, brought by commissioner Harry Home. Despite a broad resistance from citizens of the region, the government-pushed forward using the merger, which formally came on January 1, 2001. into impact.

Perfect beauty awash with beautiful views and vibrant heavens is just your trip throughout Thousand Islands’ start. Have a route in virtually any path along rivers and back-roads to some of our historical and wonderful towns. Thousand Islands’ City is made up of 17 cities connected from the Trent-Severn River.

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