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Are you thinking of buying a house? Not sure about how you’re going to afford it? Well, we here at Via Financial have the perfect opportunity for you! Our mortgage agents are specialized in a variety of areas and can tailor our skills to your exact needs. Whether you’ve A-Credit, delinquent, or your house is on the brink of foreclosure, our brokers can help you! Lucas Constable is a rising star in the world of mortgage agents and by becoming one of his initial clients you can be certain you will have the strongest of bonds throughout the duration of your mortgage. Whether you want an adjustable rate mortgage, fixed mortgage, blanket loans, bridge loans, construction financing, conventional mortgage, lease-to-own purchase, mortgage modification, or just to go mortgage shopping, you should contact us now! If you do not understand how any of the following actually work, then you must come talk to one of our agents in order to help you navigate the convoluted world of mortgages. Amortization, credit scores, maturity, loan-to-value ratios, lien, investors, interest rates, insurance, hidden fees, float, lock, equity, debt consolidation, collateral, and more!

I’ve worked on mortgage deals big and small.  From first-time home buyers, to multi-million dollar commercial interests.  What matters the most to me though is that you get the best deal you can afford!  I enjoy cutting through the murky terminology and putting it in a perspective that everyone can understand.  Most people do not realize that mortgage brokers have the option to shop around and see what deals lenders can issue without any strings attached.  This is why you should always sit down and consult with a mortgage agent before you finalize your options.  When you’re looking over all of the terms on a mortgage it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint where your needs meet your expectations.  This is something that I can help you with.  So why wouldn’t you come see me?  By sitting down and going over this together we can find the mortgage that meets your needs and exceeds the expectations you’ve set for yourself.  You would be surprised at just how many times I’ve heard people tell me, “Thank you!” at the money I’ve saved them.  This is not just coming from first time home buyers, but also veterans and folks who have been paying off the wrong mortgage for years!  If you’re stuck in yours now and you feel like you’ve no other options, then you’ve to come see me!  I will help you make things work!

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The primary major activities of the 20th Century in Peterborough ON happened in 1904. The first incident was the community of Ashburnham, found around the western coast of the Otonabee River and launched in 1859 , being annexed to Peterborough ON. The size of the town that was developing somewhat improved. This section of the city remains referred to as “East City” by local people and is seen as a significantly distinct entity to Peterborough ON appropriate. A individuality has been managed by it within the town and it is one of many more popular neighbourhoods. The next event was the completion of the Peterborough ON Lift-Lock on July 9, ten decades after design was initially accepted. Even today, several attractions in Peterborough ON memorialise Richard Rogers, conceptual dad of the Lift Lock, for example Rogers Neighborhood while in the city’s eastern area and Rogers Cove on Minor River.

In 1905, Peterborough ON was integrated 300, having a population around 14, as an area on Dominion Time. Coating and the townis hole of hands were followed in 1951.

The mall was secured by an Eatonis shop until the Eatonis cycle of shops within the late 1990s’ collapse; it today houses a food court, merchants along with practices. The government transferred the Ministry of Natural Resources’ central office to 300 Water Street, kitty corner from Peterborough ON Block. With two post- extra educational organizations, Trent University and Fleming College, the location has a success of investigation and labour growth possibilities. On top of every one of the market and beneficial financial -access aspects Peterborough ON is found in one of Canada’s top river districts—the Kawarthas—providing lifestyle, recreation and game options. In 2008, a new regional hospital formally opened in Peterborough ON.

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