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One Day Website is a one stop technical alternative supplier for small businesses and nonprofits. We supply all of the technical details, so you can concentrate on your business. This consists of domain name regisration, WordPress / CMS install, and web hosting. We’ll additionally upgrade your website to 2015 standards, should you’ve have aged and old website, and can set it up so that it is easy to update it yourself with one click. This consists of normal services for example search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, as well as social networking efforts. We want to permit you to concentrate on your business / organization while trusting us to exceed what technical needs you’ve got.

We also provide training to your staff, so you can learn how to manage all of this www company in house. We will help you our with our dive application that is deep that is intensive.

One reason we use WordPress is the simple ease of use, but additionally for business continuity planning (BCP) or succession planning reasons. Often organizations will just trust what their former IT person advocated, but the organization is at a loss, they leave. Instead, the most widely used, free, open source alternatives are recommended by us to ensure your next hire is going to be seasoned and able to leap right in where the last man left off. With One Day Website, you’ve got thosands of organizations, and instance access to the latest themes. That means at any moment, even in per year from now when you think your site might use a brand new look and feel, you simple can scroll through the latest alternatives, so when you find one you enjoy, you click Activate with one button, and the entire look and feel of all of your sites is immediately changed. Including the favorite parallax design that you’ve seen, which is one panel that reveals pictures as the user scrolls, as we offer the most recent topics. In addition, we offer responsive subjects which ensure that your site still looks amazing in case your site visitor is using a smart phone, iphone, ipad, or graphics tablet. You may also find HTML validated meaning that even in case your website visitor is not sighted, their subscriber is going to be able to read it.

Not only might we offer this at an unbelievable cheap price all, we can have your website up and running in one business day! We think of IT solutions as the mechanic that is modern day. You will find solutions that will bill you and arm and a leg when they think they can, and take eternally. Instead, we prefer to be affordable and fast professional as you possibly can, in order to develop confidence and also a long-term relationship with you as well as your organization.

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  1. I had to build a website for my business out in Oakbank, Manitoba! These guys are the best! They knew exactly what I wanted and what they were doing. I can’t thank them enough for my website. Business is now booming and I did it all on the cheap!!