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Safeworks is a service company dedicated to maintaining the quality of your safe and vault.  We specialize in the opening and repair of your vault and safe from all major and minor distributors.  All proportions of the aforementioned items are welcome.  We can open everything from fire safes and GSA containers to bank vaults and jewellery safes. Even if you’ve electronic locks we can service or set those up for you too! And that’s not all, because we are GSA certified to install X-series locks also! If you need to deliver, move, and install a safe, or remove one for disposal then please do not hesitate to contact us. And if you’re in the market for vault demolition and the removal of vault doors and frames you’ve come to the right people.

Safeworks is bonded and insured with nearly 30 years in the lock and safe industry. Within the state of Maryland we possess a locksmith license.  Not only that, but we will buy and sell your new and used safes from you. And when renting safes from us we will provide free delivery and pick-ups at your desired location.

With a full range of banking-related services our representatives can do anything from servicing night depositories to opening ATMs and teller stations.  Safeworks also performs safe deposit services such as openings, keying, and lock rotations. Just to clarify, we are not a locksmith company.  Safe and vault work is our only speciality; and we will exceed each and every one of your expectations.

Since 1991 I’ve been a member of the Safe And Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA).  I am currently an active instructor teaching safe opening and other subjects at the annual (SAVTA) trade show and convention. Our service area includes Baltimore, MD and the surrounding metro area, as well as Washington, DC and it’s suburbs. We also service the entire state of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Richmond VA, and West Richmond VA, and parts of Pennsylvania. Long distances are no obstacle if our expertise is required. Maintaining a large network of proven safe technicians all over the United States, Safeworks can always refer a competent professional to fulfill all of your needs.

In the past we have worked closely with the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), aka “Bomb Squads”, training and developing methods to open safes in dynamic entry situations using explosives. These exercises were conducted with members of law enforcement at the Federal, State, and Local levels, as well as units from the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. All training was performed in accordance with professional safety and operational protocols required by the EOD community. These exercises were sponsored and prepared by Safeworks, and the results from this research have been instrumental in the evolvement breaching techniques used by EOD, SWAT and special operations units in theaters worldwide.

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