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Should Small Businesses Use A Professional Email Service?

When a business is first starting out in their local area, there are a few essential tools they need to be successful:

– a website to make a connection with potential customers
– a social media presence to validate your business
– a Yelp page (especially vital for local businesses)
– professional communication tools like email and business phone numbers

These different elements help a business establish itself to be presentable to a new customers. Most business owners get most of this right, however, they struggle to have a strong email identity, often using free email services like Gmail or Yahoo mail.

The Problem with Free Email

While anything free or low cost to a new business owner is great, it does have plenty of drawbacks too. Choosing to use free email like versus and email like creates a noticeable difference among customers. You’ll want to use a branded email to stand out to potential customers and help look professional.

Just think, would you ever email someone at Nike with a Gmail address?

Using Google Workspace for Professional Email

When it comes to professional email service, there are really only two choices: Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) and Office 365. While both services offer different things, Google tends to be the best value for a few reasons:

– a large email inbox
– easy to use email interface
– access to using Google calendars (which synchs with your email address)
– access to Google drive for virtual storage

In addition to these services, you’ll have a professional email address you can start sending to your customers.

Adding New Emails

Google Workspace also allows its users to add new email addresses with ease. Let’s say you hire an accountant for your business and you need to set them up with an email address like Google makes the process of doing so incredibly easy and scalable.

The Cost of Google Workspace

For everything that comes with a professional email account through Google, the cost is just $6 per month per user. Compared to other business tools, the cost is quite low and very manageable for such a professional service. Plus, Google provides support for its email customers 24/7. Each additional mailbox is only $6, making it very scalable for your business.

Do You Need An IT Professional For Google Workspace?

The most common answer here is it depends. If you’re familiar at all with your email service and Google products for that matter, it will be relatively easy for you to set up professional email on Google. However, if all things technology for your business are somewhat cumbersome, you might want to consider hiring an IT support service professional. An IT provider like Gravity IT Solutions will set up the inbox, train the business owner how to use it and cover any questions the business owner needs help with.

What’s Holding You Back?

At just $6 a month for a professional email, it’s highly recommended to use a service like Google Workspace. At the very least, avoid using a free email account – try to tie in an email to your business name so it’s easier for customers to remember.

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