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At Sierra Nevada Sealcoating and Asphalt, Inc. we take great pride in our work and guarantee top quality work at an affordable price. We Specialize in Pleasant Valley Asphalt Repair and can offer sealcoating, crack filling, patching, and new paving services that will keep your property looking great for years to come.

We provide all aspects of asphalt and the maintenance that comes with it. If you’ve concerns about the deterioration of your driveway, parking lot, or road please contact us. We can help assist with the best option and methods available.

Sierra Nevada Sealcoating and Asphalt, Inc. can take care of all of your asphalt maintenance needs. No matter how well you maintain your driveway some cracks are bound to appear. Crack filling is an excellent way to keep them from growing into a major problem. Our hot rubber crack filling method penetrates and seals cracks and fissures. Enjoy the benefits of a asphalt sealcoating all summer long.

Sierra Nevada Driveway Sealcoating

Sierra Nevada Driveway Paving

  • Instantly give your home curb appeal.
  • Free Estimates and Asphalt Repair Advice. We assess your existing asphalt condition and identify potential problem areas.
  • Perform quality long lasting repairs (sealcoating, crackfilling, patching) that will help preserve your existing asphalt for up to nine years.
  • Driveway installations catered to your personal preference and desire with affordable options.
  • Stop those cracks from spreading and getting worse, ask us about crack filling.
  • Maintain asphalt with Sealcoating and Hot-Tar Crack Filling for protection and avoid high future costs.
  • Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance & Striping.
  • Parking lots, Driveways, and More!

Benefits of Seal-coating

We offer all aspects of asphalt maintenance as well as removal and replace of failed asphalt and the installation of new asphalt. New Driveways, Parking Lots and overlays. Sealcoating provides protection for Asphalt against those elements and helps to avoid/prolong expensive replacements down the road.

Contact us now to get on the list before we are booked through the season. The calendar fills up fast as soon as warm weather hits so the earlier you sign up the better. Our last season was record breaking by far due to some great work and expansion in areas as well as more paving projects.

Sierra Nevada Sealcoating & Asphalt, Inc has become proven driveway artists in the maintenance of residential and commercial asphalt in Pleasant Valley.

Sealcoating before and after

Sierra Nevada Crack Filling

Our family has been providing asphalt maintenance service to customers for 35 years, with nothing less than quality material, professional workmanship and competitive pricing. Every project is performed with unwavering principle, integrity and perfection. We take great pride in our work and complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Family Owned and operated Sierra Nevada Sealcoating and Asphalt, Inc. has the experience and knowledge you can trust. CSL: #680730

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