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Missed breakfast?  Didn’t have time for lunch?  Well, you’ve come to the right place then!  The Speak Easy Cafe is the best place in town if you are looking for breakfast, or lunch!  We have an extensive menu and can provide just about anything you missed while you were busy running out the door this morning!  From home-cooked meals that mom used to make, to a well-rounded, healthy breakfast, we have it all!  The best part is that we are located in down town Peterborough for convenience, but you wouldn’t know that if you stepped inside!  The atmosphere is relaxed, tables are plenty, and the staff is friendly.  Want to see what’s going on outside?  You can get a good view from our window-seat tables!  Feel like you need privacy?  Well, we have you covered!  There are lots of tables where you can unwind, or have a more discreet conversation with your company.  We can fit large groups together for your convenience.  Or if you need a quick bite to eat and you are alone we have tables for that too!  So, why don’t you come on in and check us out?  If your stomach’s a rumbling, give us a shout!

If you come visit us you will quickly find that the overall theme is one from the 1920s.  The prohibition era was a fascinating time with individuals who’re still talked about today!  You can spend a long time looking at the photographs and memorabilia hanging from the wall.  It’s a great place to bring a friend too!  Especially if it’s their first time!  From Al Capone to Charlie Luciano.  All of the icons from the 20s are here!  But that is not all!  Why don’t you come in and find out what all the fuss is about?  Our daily regulars will let you know just how much they appreciate our service and food!  You can see the extra care that we put into our customer service and how well-prepared our dishes are.  Not only that, but you will be able to view the best memorabilia from the 20s in the city!  And these are promises that we can keep!

Just listen to some of our testimonies!

“I eat here for breakfast almost every day!  The food is wonderful.  I can’t always spare the time to cook myself breakfast in the morning and I’m often trying to get paperwork done.  The Speak Easy Cafe allows me to get my work done while I’m waited on!  The staff are friendly and personable too!  I don’t feel like just another customer there.  I feel welcome.” – Joe

“I was just passing through Peterborough on my way to see another friend in Kingston last week.  I had a bit of time, so I ended up checking out the downtown scene.  I happened upon The Speak Easy Cafe and it was the finest, little diner!  They have this neat prohibition theme going on inside and the staff were really great!  The food was delicious and I was in such a rush to leave I almost forgot my purse!  Well, lo and behold the young waitress came out to give it back to me!  Now that is a staff you can trust!  And I recommend the haddock fish!” – Kim

Come visit us soon!

You can reach us at 362 George Street North, downtown Peterborough.  If you want to call ahead for reservations, or questions, you can reach us at 705-749-9589.

If you are hungry, come on down and let us serve you!

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  2. This was the best breakfast and lunch in Peterborough I’ve ever had! If you’re in ptbo ontario and you need a meal, go check them out!