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Whether you’ve an existing pool in Highgrove CA that needs to be renovated or are looking to put a brand new pool in your backyard, there are important things to know about pool construction.  There are plenty of pool companies in Highgrove to choose from, but only a few great ones.  Trinity Custom Pools is one of the few companies that can transform your old pool, even your entire Highgrove CA backyard into something amazing.

Swimming pool remodeling, acid washes $200. Tile cleaning $250. Replaster, Retile, Stonescape, Tile repair, salt water systems. 27 years experience. Get the best for less!

If you’re thinking about installing a new pool or fixing a previously existing one, here is the process that Trinity Custom Pools will use to make sure your pool meets all your expectations.

For brand new pools:

  • A consultation with our pool experts will help to determine the size, shape, depth of the pool and the chosen construction process. Our experts are happy to answer any questions a client might have about the building process. After we have measured the area, we should be able to give a rough price quote for the pool.
  • A contract will be written up and the pool construction will be scheduled, depending on Trinity Custom Pools and the clients’ availability.
  • Materials will be delivered and earthwork and hole digging will begin, then the formwork and steel will be installed into the excavated area.
  • Next, the concrete shell will be poured and sprayed.  Once the concrete is poured, the shell will be backfilled, and plumbing and electrical work will be competed. Installation of filtration equipment, smoothing out the concrete, plastering, tiling and cleaning out the pool and filling it with water complete the project.
  • Finally, we will chemically treat the water and educate the pool owner on proper swimming pool maintenance.

Renovating a previously installed pool:

  • A consultation with our pool experts will help to determine the size, shape, depth of the pool and color. We will then measure the current pool area and give clients a price quote.
  • A contract will be written up and the pool renovation will be scheduled, depending on Trinity Custom Pools and the clients’ availability.
  • The current pool will be drained and cleaned out, then one of our pool experts will conduct a thorough inspection to evaluate the filtration system, plumbing and electrical systems and any other equipment to make sure everything is working properly.
  • After the inspection, we will chip out the old pool surface and look for any additional problems with the structure, plumbing, etc. If repairs are needed, we will advise the clients of them, and estimate how much they will cost to fix.
  • After any necessary repairs are made, a new surface will be mixed, applied and smoothed out. Once the concrete has dried, the pool will be refilled and turned over to the clients for their enjoyment.

Make sure to enjoy a wonderful pool this summer in your backyard, using trusted pool builders in Highgrove like Trinity Custom Pools. Our commitment to excellence and reputation make us the perfect choice to be the builders of your new swimming pool installation.


There are a number of good reasons for updating your backyard pool. Your home and pool represent a sizable investment, and upgrading the pool adds value to your home as well as being a great source of entertainment for your family and friends. Giving your pool a ‘makeover’ could turn out to be one of the smartest financial moves you could make.

Maybe you’ve purchased an older home, with an older pool to go along, and need some help to make it safe and usable. Or maybe you installed the pool yourself years ago and ‘let it go’ once the kids went off to college. Maybe it’s time to get it ready for a whole new generation – grandchildren! A great backyard pool helps keep the kids closer to home as well.

Restoring or remodeling your pool could also help save on energy bills, swapping out old and outdated equipment and technology for new. Often, the investment in a new system will more than pay for itself in lower energy bills.

Our creative team can design a smart pool restoration or remodel just for you, and you can see it before it happens.

We are well known for making even the ugliest pool beautiful, let us get to work on yours! Trinity Custom Pools is the #1 choice in the greater Highgrove California area when considering restoring or remodeling.



Restoring an older pool seeks to bring a classic design back to a like-new condition. It usually involves cleaning and resurfacing, matching and replacing loose or missing tiles, repairing or replacing worn out pumping and filtration machinery, or maybe installing a new vinyl liner.

Usually, however, the design elements will stay the same. Restoration is often the quickest and most economical way to get enjoyment out of your ugly old pool again.



There are plenty of good reasons to remodel an existing pool.  Most people choose to remodel because the pool is old and in need of major repairs.  Other people opt to remodel their pools to fix smaller problems, install new features and update the style.  Sometimes, people choose to remodel their pool in order to save on maintenance costs; there are new energy saving technologies coming out every year that can help pool owners save money. Whatever the reason is for remodeling your pool, make sure you pick a trusted local Highgrove pool contractor to do the job. Pool remodeling can be even more complicated than installing a new pool because the original pool often needs to be redesigned in order to be brought up to current city codes.

Remodeling is also the perfect time to consider adding new features to your swimming pool.  The addition of a swim-in cave and combination waterfall slide, for example, are best done at the same time to keep the pool’s downtime to a minimum.  We are happy to meet with you to discuss all of the options available, always keeping your budget and schedule in mind.

Trinity Custom Pools has made a reputation out of turning old ugly pools into centerpieces of your backyard. When you need to bring the beauty back to your pool, you need the team at Trinity Custom Pools.



Concrete pool resurfacing is a fact of life when you own a custom pool. Although some pool owners opt for a do-it-yourself approach to resurfacing, it is not always the most economical path to pool maintenance over the long run.  Recognizing the importance of a solid, non-porous surface to maintain water quality, many pool owners want a reputable pool maintenance company to resurface their pools, ensuring a professional job, done properly.

The last thing a pool owner wants is to have to shell out more money to fix a bad pool resurfacing job. Call the experts at Trinity Custom Pools to have one of our estimators come to your site and evaluate the current condition of your pool. Our knowledgeable team can make sure that your pool resurfacing is done correctly, in a timely fashion, and according to your budget.


Waterline tiles can make a big impact on the appearance of your inground pool.  We have an enormous selection of tiles to choose from, in all the colors of the rainbow.  From 1/2 inch decorative tiles to large waterline tiles, we have it all.

Let us show you some options and explain the value of the different styles.


Concrete pools need resurfacing every 10-15 years. The process can be laborious, depending on the extent of wear and tear to the pool. Harsh weather, acid washing, and general public use can cause chips and cracks to appear on the pool’s surface. Depending on the type of damage done to the pool, many home improvement stores offer a DIY pool resurfacing kit. These kits contain an epoxy that creates a chemical bond with the pool’s surface, filling in minor cracks and chips. These products are fine for pools with minimal damage and only take a few days to install.  Often color matching is difficult with DIY kits so you may have to live with visible repair marks.

Don’t despair, there is a solution!


If your pool has extensive damage or major holes, then it is best to call in the professionals. The experts at Trinity Custom Pools will provide a complete evaluation of the pool to determine how much damage there is. We will then offer a quote for the price of resurfacing, scheduling the resurfacing project at a convenient time for you. Once the project has begun, Trinity Custom Pools will first fix any minor chips and cracks and holes with a bonding agent. Once the holes are fixed, our team will do an extensive concrete pool plastering. We will then trowel down the new plaster to make sure the surface is smooth for swimming and walking. Once the plaster has dried, our experts will then check to make sure that all necessary repairs have been made, and that the pool is in good condition and ready for swimmers.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a half-rate company to resurface your pool. Trinity Custom Pools’ impeccable reputation and ten-year history of fixing and resurfacing pools in Highgrove CA make us the smart choice for your pool needs.


Trinity Custom Pools is the name that people of the Greater Highgrove area trust when they need expert pool remodeling, repair, or custom construction.

We initially built our reputation by refurbishing and upgrading aging, and sometimes unsafe backyard pools, saving homeowners from the embarrassment of having an ugly old pool in their yard.  After a few years and after putting a few hundred amazing backyard makeovers under our belts, we began building new pools too.

From lap pools to plunge pools, from exotic waterfalls to underground grottos, we aim to please.

Now, after more than ten years, we are the most recognized pool builder and remodeling contractor in the greater Highgrove region.  If you’re looking for a backyard aquatic escape, you’ve come to the right spot.

New Pool Builders

When shopping for an in-ground pool, the first decision will be to choose the construction technique that best suits the site and budget available. The most widely used construction methods for in-ground pools include: a vinyl liner installed over a properly prepared excavation, a pre-formed fiberglass shell that can be lowered into an excavated site, or a solid shell of poured Gunite (a type of concrete).  The best material for long-term durability is Gunite, increasing the value of your investment as well as providing years of backyard enjoyment for your family. Since we use only the highest quality materials to build our amazing pools, it makes sense that we only build with Gunite.  We offer free estimates, easy consultations, expert advice, and finally, will build your family an amazing swimming pool.

Are there other good pool builders in the Highgrove area?  Sure there are, but there are some really horrible ones too.  Remember, we built our business by fixing and covering up those other guys’ mistakes.  Don’t pay for an inferior installation, call Trinity Custom Pools today.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Whether from years of extreme weather conditions or from sub-par construction materials, swimming pools can fall into disrepair.  At Trinity Custom Pools we have a special place in our hearts for swimming pool remodeling.  Customers tend to think that the finished product will be the same pool they used to have, only better.  They are always amazed by our final product.  “Wow, it looks like a totally different pool!” is a pretty common reaction.

New pool customers begin at the hopeful stage, whereas many pool remodeling clients begin at the hopeless stage. In the end, they both end up in the amazed stage.  Are you ready for an amazing experience?  Contact us today.

Resurfacing And Replastering

Sometimes a genuinely good looking pool just needs a new surface. Cracking and chipping, if left untreated, can lead to major leaks and unsafe swimming environments.

Resurfacing and replastering involve preparing the existing surface, the materials that create the new surface, and the application and curing process. If any step of process is done incorrectly, it can shorten the life of your new surface. If materials are not mixed correctly or allowed to cure, they will prematurely fail.

This is important to keep in mind when considering your choice of resurfacing companies.  Our reputation is excellent; it was earned by completing pools and repairs that last last longer and look better than our customers expect.

Pool Repair and Maintenance

From pump to skimmer, we repair all in-ground pool components. We also offer pool maintenance service that will keep your pool clean and healthy all year around.


We service the central and northern areas in and around Highgrove.  Major builds and pool remodels are offered to homeowners in the areas surrounding Highgrove CA.  If you live in or near any of these areas, you’re encouraged to call or complete the contact form to request more information.

The time is approaching to make your backyard into a family gathering place that provides fun and memories and adds value to your home. You should consider the full service company who can build, maintain and service your every need when the backyard environment is about to change.

This process assures you a fully evolved, functional pool and yard design fitting both your needs and your lifestyle, with on site construction supervision to schedule and execute your plan with a single point of contact throughout the process. Your new pool will be built to the highest standards using quality materials and equipment with sound construction techniques that exceed industry standards so you will have years of enjoyments and reduced operating costs.

We want you to enjoy your fun in the sun! Call Trinity Custom Pools at 951 236 0725! LICENSE C53-897570


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  1. Swimming pool remodeling, acid washes $200. Tile cleaning $250. Replaster, Retile, Stonescape, Tile repair, salt water systems. 27 years experence. Get the best for less! Whether you have a pool in Highgrove that needs to be renovated or are looking to put a new pool in your backyard, there are important things to know about pool construction. Trinity Custom Pools is one of the few companies that can transform your old pool, even your entire Highgrove CA backyard into something amazing. Thanks Trinity Custom Pools!