Personal Injury Lawyer In Denver

Finding A Personal Injury Attorney In Denver

If you have ever been involved in an automobile accident, you have likely needed to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. Once you make sure you’re safe and not in any serious bodily harm, the next step is to assess the damage to yourself and/or your vehicle, then contact an attorney. If the person you have been in an accident with is reluctant to share any information, you’ll definitely want to have legal help.

But how do you find the best lawyer to work with?

In Denver you’ll find many billboards advertising personal injury services that the average person might become inundated with. From TV ads to radio ads and any outdoor ads, how can you possibly find the best attorney?

Here are 4 things to consider when finding an attorney:

Reputation Is Everything for a Personal Injury Lawyer

Any tenured personal injury attorney in Denver should have a large number of reviews coming from a variety of resources. You’ll want to look up reviews in Yelp, Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau and other local associations. If you can assess all of these different channels for the attorney’s reputation, you’ll have a much better idea of the type of lawyer they are. Likewise, if the attorney has bad reviews in a few different channels, you’ll know you need to work with someone else.

Prior Case History for Accidents In Denver

It should also be easy to find plenty of prior case history for the attorney you’re interested in. In addition to reviews for the lawyer, you should also check the attorney’s website and you may go as far as checking local court system websites. Most publicly available data for personal injury cases will disclose information about the attorney.

If the attorney you’re looking into is a brand new attorney with no case history, you may not be able to find any information on them.

Attorney Policy On Paying Out of Settlement

In most personal injury cases, the attorney will offer a “don’t pay unless we win” type of policy. This means that the attorney will need to get you a settlement before they are paid for the work. If they can’t get you a settlement for your accident case, you won’t be expected to pay the attorney.

This type of policy has become standard among personal injury attorneys. If you’re researching an attorney who does not offer this policy, they might not be the right fit for you. Once you call an attorney, ask them directly about their settlement policy so you know the information up front.


Last but certainly not lease is getting a gauge of the attorney’s communication skills. If an attorney you’re interested in has a tough time communicating with you, especially if you’re just trying to schedule an initial consult, you might want to reconsider working with them. Communication skills are absolutely necessary to a personal injury case as you and your attorney must work together from step A to step Z, getting a settlement.

Other Considerations

Unless you have worked with a personal injury attorney in the past, getting started with a new attorney can come with a lot of questions. A local attorney should pass the check of having a good reputation, a positive case history, great communication skills and a pay when you win settlement policy. If not, you’re advised to keep searching for an attorney.

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